Who We Serve

At Leaf Point Solutions in Herndon, we offer a variety of accounting and business services that promote the development of our clients’ companies. From the small business owner to large government contractors, we offer strategized assistance to develop business financial operations, comply with their industry standards, and excel financially.

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Government Contractors

We offer client audits for financial statements and specific accounting processes such as an interim controller or CFO services. We understand that you have a specific set of needs that require you to comply with regulations presented in your contract. Allow us to apply accounting systems and advisory services to ensure that you follow these principles while developing your company to perform at its best.

Professional Services for a Variety of Industries

From clients within the IT industry to engineers, property managers, medical professionals, and legal professionals, we offer business and accounting services specific to your niche business or specialty nonprofit. Skilled accounting requires a complete perspective of an enterprise to optimize departments and better the development of your financial status.

Accounting management looks into daily transactions and develops an understanding of how this data reflects the health of a business. Our accounting services provide reconciled financial statements to manage information and restructure business and tax planning.

Tax preparation and planning are important in a business as owners are required to file multiple state and federal forms based on structure, industry regulations, employee benefits, and other specifications. It is important to file accurately and on time to protect your enterprise from audits and penalties by governing organizations. This assessment of your financial health can help develop business strategies that reflect tax regulations.

Dedicated to Businesses and Professionals

At Leaf Point Solutions, we offer a variety of outsourced accounting and tax services, from seeking bookkeeping and payroll services to requiring full accounting department assistance or part-time CFO services. We can ensure that major purchases like medical equipment and supplies are applied correctly and benefit the company in the future.

We supply a financial mindset approach that can assist you in making the best decisions for your enterprise. Running a business is overwhelming, and entrusting these financial and accounting processes allows you the opportunity to access experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated service.

Consider the benefits of our services and how it supports your enterprise. Contact Leaf Point Solutions for industry-specific business, accounting, and tax services.

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