The New Focus for Product Managers in 2020

Product Managers are constantly expanding their scope of work as responsibilities expand into Product Ownership on Agile teams, Business Case development and Customer Support. Here are a few things that product managers are focusing on for this year:

Being a Strategic Leader, not just a PM.

Effective product managers not only help with the development of products to sell, but they also need to start thinking about how these products can align with their business’s direction for the future. This differentiates a great PM from others. After all, what is the purpose of making these products if it won’t help grow a business? This thinking also influences a lot of business that sell products to switch to Product-Led Growth (PLG) marketing tactics, where you focus on using your products as a way to grow your business.

Using Tools that are Made for Product Managers

Often times, there aren’t a lot of resources that are made specifically made for product managers, making it a little harder for PMs to be as efficient as they could be. Others in a product manager’s team get newer tools to work with, but product managers often lag behind others when it comes to getting new technology for them to use at work.

Thinking Ahead

A great product manager understands the differences between technological trends and fads. Having someone who understands their customers and the needs of the customers is helpful in developing products. Creating a product that is easily modifiable and can be customized to meet future needs can really help in growing a business.

Smart Technology and Privacy

Related to long-term trends is the concept of Smart Technology. With many products connecting with other devices and sharing information, product managers have to focus on the security and privacy of their customers more than ever.

Constant Improvement in a Constantly Changing Space

Adaptability is a soft-skill that is starting to become increasingly needed in the workforce, but this is especially important in product management. New technology means a larger learning curve and even more time to really understand how these technologies can be implemented in the products that businesses want to develop.

Let this list be a starting point for your business to set the direction of how to expand your product manager’s scope of work and skills. Changing times call for product managers that can help guide your business to grow in the future.