Benefits of Working with a Specialized Staffing Firm

With so many other staffing agency options out there, how do you know where to start? There are the larger staffing and recruiting agencies, and then there are the smaller firms. Often, larger staffing firms can hire candidates wanting to find opportunities in a broader set of industries, but this does not necessarily mean that candidates they find are better.

When working with a specialized firm that focuses on finding candidates in niche industries, there are more benefits to you as an employer.

They understand what your business needs better than a general staffing firm.

When you work with a staffing agency that works with employers in select industries, they have a better understanding of what companies are really looking for. Sure, handing any staffing agency your list of requirements would help, but knowing why you are looking for these specific requirements helps them gauge better fitted applicants. The more a staffing agency works with employers in a similar background, the better they understand your business’s needs and interests.

They understand the candidates you want.

Because of experience in the industry or working with these professionals, specialized staffing firms not only have a better idea of what the employer is looking for, but they also know what the candidate’s value is and what they want out of a position. Hiring is a two-way street. It’s important to know why these candidates are looking for a position so we can align their interests and values with your company. Understanding what the candidate wants, also sets a company up for longer-term employment.

There’s a better screening and interviewing process.

With a greater understanding on both needs and wants from both the employer and candidates, specialized staffing agencies are better equipped in finding quality candidates. Non-specialized staffing firms don’t always understand an industry’s needs, or what to look for in a candidate. Their vetting process is usually finding a candidate based on a list of requirements provided by the client. With a niche staffing firm, they are used to fulfilling requirements based upon previous placements and are aware of potential issues and challenges that a company may have given their industry experience and knowledge. Our recruiters are also previous employees in the specialization and have first-hand knowledge of how the job is done.

You can lower your expenses and save time.

Specialized firms know where to find specialized candidates. They can target a more niche pool of applicants as opposed to having your company spend time and money advertising in less effective places.

Clearly, specialized staffing firms have some benefits that doesn’t always come with working with just any staffing agency, but with a niche firm, you are off to a better start with finding the right person to join your team.

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