A Note from the CEO

A Note From the CEO

One of the most common small business issues that I hear today is it is hard to find good help. As a small business owner myself, this resonates with me. I have had my fair share of struggles with finding competent staff, and what I have learned in the past 16 years is that a company must do its due diligence. A company must vet each employee that comes in for an interview or it could be very detrimental to the success of your business.

I’ve learned several lessons in my journey in starting a business, and one that I learned early on is that a potential employee must be tested during the recruitment process. There are industry tests to give your potential candidates. In today’s gig economy it is easy for an employee to make themselves look good on paper; it is easy to list skills and certifications that make a potential candidate shine to appear like talent. Not being thorough in assessing their skillsets could make or break your company. For example, if you hire a candidate in accounting that list skills and find out later that they cannot perform those skills, it may be too late. You run the risk of losing clients, ruining your reputation as a business owner, and losing your credibility.

While assessing a potential employee’s skillset is important, I have found that their most recent employment history on a resume must be verified as well. It is easy for a candidate to list companies and job positions on a resume, only to find out later that the companies either never existed or that they were owned by friends and family. Do your research. See if the companies have similarities to your own. Find out who the executive staff is and how the company was run. This leads me to my next point.

Each candidate’s references listed must match the companies that they have worked for. I have seen in many instances where a potential employee may list references but none of them are related to their previous employment. Please ask for three recent references and make sure those references are from previous employment as either a direct supervisor or manager.

All these tasks may seem daunting and, for a busy business owner like yourself, could be just another task that takes away time from running your business. If you find this an overwhelming task, let Leaf Point Solutions find, vet and place your employees for you. We have a very thorough selection process that we have created and refined from years of experience. We will test skills, run background checks that includes doing a reference verification.

Skillsets matter and good candidates matter, as your staff is essentially your business. Leaf Point Solutions provides staffing and job placement services in Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Project Management, Product Management, and IT positions. We place staff in temp to hire roles, permanent placement, and we can also provide a contractor to come to your office. If you don’t want the responsibility of placing a candidate on payroll, we will take care of the payroll for you.

Through my past experiences, I understand the challenges that come with starting a business and it is my goal to help you grow as your outsourced business partner. Please call us today and let us help screen potential candidates for you and get your next employee.